In Honor of PTSD Awareness Month


In honor of June being PTSD Awareness Month, I had the amazing opportunity to talk with Taylor, a former college dorm mate and the creator of the Beyond Our Cells podcast. Inspired by her own life with sickle cell, the podcast highlights those living outside the limitations and experiences of their health conditions.

Despite not having spoken since graduating college in 2014, we spoke for two hours about all things mental health, healing, my involvement in the 2016 “Cappuccino Cafe Attacks,” and how I am attempting to live out loud with a PTSD diagnoses and other mental illnesses.

Now more than ever, conversations about PTSD are key.

PTSD is a word that should NOT just be reserved for veterans. It is an illness that impacts everyday civilians (particularly un-diagnosed in communities of color by a landslide) because we’re experiencing PTSD for the war on anti-blackness that we didn’t sign up for.

15Part I of our truly cathartic conversation is available and streaming on all major podcast platforms (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and SoundCloud). Part II will be available June 10. The link to the transcript can also be found here.

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