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Travel Noire Feature

Travel Noire Made My Dreams Come True

It was a Monday morning, and I was sitting at my makeshift work-from-home set-up, undoubtedly drudging through another Google Hangouts meeting. My Monday’s are normally jam-packed with virtual meetings, where I’m still trying to wake up from the weekend that never seems to be long enough.

Like most millennials, I multi-task, making attempts to add my two-cents into our calls and scroll mindlessly through social media apps. But this Monday brought something a little more joyous! 

I received a DM request from so meone and I didn’t know. Curiously, I clicked on it and it read: “Hello! How are you? I would like to interview you for Travel Noire if you are interested!” 

I yelped — to be truthful, I might have even screamed! My favorite travel website reached out to me after hearing my “In Living Color…Abroad” podcast feature, where I shared what it’s like living as a diplomat in Guatemala. And the rest is history!

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I am so honored to have been interviewed by one of my favorite travel websites. It is truly a privilege to be able share my story in these spaces and I am hopeful that my experience inspires people to keep doing and exploring what they love, in both their personal and professional worlds!

Thank you @travelnoire and @ayahadventurer for your platform to share my journey from terrorist survivor to development diplomat! There’s still many journeys to come in my search for the perfect vocation and I can’t wait to keep exploring ✈️ 🧳🌎