About Me

“Trauma creates change you don’t choose. Healing is about creating change you do choose.” – Michelle Rosenthal

Hi, I’m La’Nita and everyday I’m positively truth and still discovering.

I am a 27-year old, Georgia native-DC resident and (pre-corona) wanderluster, who unsuspectedly wound up as a mental health advocate following my near-fatal involvement in the 2016 Burkina Faso ‘Café Cappuccino Terrorist Attacks.”

Everyday I’m learning more about myself. Appreciating the journey towards the destination. But most importantly, everyday I’m healing towards a more authentic me.

Upon returning from an almost life-ending incident, I scoured the internet for tips and tricks for terrorist attack survivors on how to now maneuver through mental illness. Instead, I was met with a slew of articles directed towards war, combat, and military veterans.

That means this little ole’ civilian was left out. I was searching for resources, internet groups, or anything that would help me feel connected to the trauma that I underwent. But instead, I continued to feel lost.

So, I decided to start my own space!

PTSD Out Loud is blog to not only share my experience navigating PTSD, depression and anxiety, but also offer a safe space for those wanting to explore what it means to LIVE OUT LOUD with mental illness! You can ‘Subscribe’ by putting your email below!

Fun Facts about Me


Where’s Home?

I am a Southern girl, born and raised! There’s not a sentence that I can make it through without my accent slippin’ out.

But I have called Georgia, California, Spain, Argentina, Chicago, DC & Guatemala home.


What Did You Study?

I got a BA from Pepperdine University in Hispanic Studies & International Studies and Intercult. Comm.

I got an MA from American University in International Training and Education.


What Do You Do?

I am an Education Foreign Service Officer, gearing up to move to Guatemala City, Guatemala for my first post.

But, in the past I have worked in non-profits, sales & finance, academia, and farmer’s markets.


How Do You Have Fun?

I love learning foreign languages: I speak Spanish, French and I’m learning Portuguese.

I’m also relearning to play the cello and am documenting my journey on my YouTube channel, Rewiring La’Nita.